The Return of the Jungle Juice Slush, New Breakfast Options, Boozy Shave Ice, and More at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Sure, there’s plenty of new stuff to check out at Animal Kingdom these days, what with Pandora — The World of AVATAR still less than two months old.

Welcome to Animal Kingdom!

Welcome to Animal Kingdom!

But we’re starting our tour around the Park with the return of an old favorite… [Read more…]

New!: Fruits of Mo’ara Fruit Bar in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora — The World of AVATAR

By now we’ve all seen images (or been in the thick!) of the massive crowds at Pandora — The World of AVATAR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Pandora -- The World of AVATAR

Pandora — The World of AVATAR

We’ve braved those crowds to give you the skinny on eats at Satu’li Canteen (including breakfast!) and the drinks at Pongu Pongu. Oh, and let’s not forget the fun pre-packaged snacks exclusive to Pandora! (VEIN POD!!!!)

Blueberry Almond Pandora Popcorn

Blueberry Almond Pandora Popcorn

But as it turns out, folks have still gotta figure out a way to beat the crazy heat even in picturesque Pandora. So today we’re checking out what is thus far the only bottled drink and ice cream cart in the World’s newest land.

Just like everything else in Pandora, the cart is themed its new home. As opposed to your typical Ice Cream Novelties Cart, you’re instead visiting ACE Mobile Treats (the “ACE,” of course, referring to Alpha Centauri Expeditions, the interplanetary travel company that helps humans like us explore Pandora today).

ACE Mobile Treats

ACE Mobile Treats

Beverage offerings include standard bottled hydration options you’ll find elsewhere: bottles of Dasani, smartwater, and Powerade, along with Zico Coconut Water (here in Watermelon Raspberry) and vitaminwater (Dragonfruit flavored!). [Read more…]

News: Mobile Order On the Way to Five Magic Kingdom Counter Service Restaurants

If you’ve been following along on any of our trips to Pandora — The World of AVATAR, the newest land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then you are already familiar with the new Satu’li Canteen.

Along with an entirely new array of eats for Animal Kingdom guests, something else made its debut at Satu’li Canteen: the Mobile Order process, available via the My Disney Experience app(you can visit our Mobile Order Page here). Mobile Order enables guests to pre-order and pre-pay for their food at specific Counter Service locations, allowing them to bypass the ordering lines in the restaurant and pick up their food directly from a designated counter.

Sign directing to Regular and Mobile Order

Sign directing to Regular Lines and Mobile Order Pick Up

And now, Mobile Order is on its way to select Magic Kingdom restaurants! According to, five Magic Kingdom Counter Service locations will begin to utilize Mobile Order this summer. Look for Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Pinocchio Village Haus, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, and Columbia Harbour House to pop up on the list of locations you will be able to select soon. [Read more…]

News! Mini Mango Pie in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Wins the Dessert Wars

All eyes are on Animal Kingdom with the opening of Pandora — World of AVATAR!

And of course, we’ve been busy trying as many new dishes and snacks as possible at Satu’li Canteen and Pongu Pongu.

But what about the rest of the park? Have we forgotten about all the yum that resides in Africa’s Harambe, Discovery Island, Dinoland, U.S.A. (hey, don’t knock it — it’s home to Restaurantosaurus and the new Smokey Bones Bourbon and Bacon Shake), and Asia’s Anandapur?

Heck, no! In fact, we just found some new desserts at Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes that are crazy!!

Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes is the counter service little sister to the Yak and Yeti table service restaurant in Animal Kingdom’s Anandapur. You might see it listed as Yak and Yeti Counter Service sometimes (which may be a little clearer, if not quite so thematic).

Lines at Local Food Cafes

Lines at Local Food Cafes

Most recently, we’ve checked out the Kobe Beef Burger and the Kobe Beef Hotdog, plus you can snag a generous portion of Chicken Fried Rice in a fun take-out container for a snack credit. And the Honey Chicken continues to have a dedicated fan base.

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe Menu

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe Menu

Basically, if you like simple Asian fusion food, you’ll find something here.

But on our most recent visit, we went for something a little sweeter. We spotted two new dessert offerings on the menu (replacing the previous Pineapple Coconut Cake and Triple Chocolate Mousse), so we ordered one of each. Introducing the Mini Chocolate Silk Cake and the Mini Mango Pie.

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe Desserts

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe Desserts

First up was the Mini Chocolate Silk Cake, which, truth be told, was more like a pie than a cake. But you can’t really go wrong with silky chocolate mousse and chocolate chips.

Mini Chocolate Silk Cake

Mini Chocolate Silk Cake

And while this is served up in a small bowl, there are some big and delicious flavors here. In particular, we were massive fans of that crust! It’s basically crushed cookie crumb crust, but it’s divine — and there’s tons of it!

Mini Chocolate Silk Cake

Mini Chocolate Silk Cake

Not only is the crust pressed thickly all around the bowl, it’s on the bottom too, providing lots of texture and flavor to accompany the soft chocolate mousse. We also like the inclusion of chocolate chips, since they provided a slightly chewier texture. Overall, this is a solid choice for a chocolate fan or a picky-ish eater.

Mini Chocolate Silk Cake

Mini Chocolate Silk Cake

But if you want to win the dessert day — and you do — go with the Mini Mango Pie. This one lands in a category for only the most stupidly good desserts. Because it’s really stupid good. And the star — like the Mini Chocolate Silk Cake — is the crust!

Mini Mango Pie

Mini Mango Pie

That thick graham cracker crust could not be better. It’s got just the right amount of saltiness from the butter that’s holding the crumbs together and sweetness from the incorporated sugar. It’s just dynamite! Crust heaven!

Mini Mango Pie

Mini Mango Pie

And there’s so much of it! And we’re so happy there’s so much of it!

But of course, pie is not made of crust alone (although we’d eat that… just sayin’). And here the sweet/tart mango filling is light and tropical — perfect for a hot Animal Kingdom day.

Mini Mango Pie

Mini Mango Pie

It’s the consistency of mousse without being too airy, which is a wonderful contrast to the crust. And it just tasted amazing. Wonderfully mango-licious.

(Those who have had the awesome mango pie in the restaurant at Yak & Yeti know it’s good. But THIS. IS. BETTER.)

Mini Mango Pie

Mini Mango Pie

At $4.99 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit, we say… gogetthisnowandbuyoneforustooplease. And in case you were wondering, the Mini Chocolate Silk Cake and the Mini Mango Pie have replaced the Pineapple Coconut Cake and the Triple Chocolate Mousse cake that used to be here, and we say: good riddance! You were fine, but we’ve moved on to better desserts.

What is your dessert fave at Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments! 

News: Mickey Waffles WITH Toppings Bar (!!!) at Animal Kingdom for a Limited Time!

No doubt about it.

Animal Kingdom is THE place to be in Disney World right now!

With all the excitement over the opening of Pandora — The World of AVATAR, crowds have increased all over the park.

To help feed the hungry masses, a temporary breakfast option has returned — just for the early summer — to Restaurantosaurus in Dinoland, U.S.A.

And if you are visiting Animal Kingdom now through June 10th, you are DEFINITELY going to want to know about the Dino-Sized Breakfast options, featuring Mickey Waffles complete with a Waffle Topping Bar! What?! I KNOW!!

Restaurantosaurus Sign

Restaurantosaurus Sign

Okay, so you could also choose a Yogurt Parfait, Fresh Fruit Cup or Cereal. [Read more…]

Review: Turkey and Pimento Cheese BLTs in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’re back today for another visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! And this time, we’re stopping by The Smiling Crocodile!

In case you haven’t noticed ;-) , Animal Kingdom has been undergoing some major changes lately. Of course the biggest change is the addition of, you know, a whole new world.

But in addition to that, we’ve been seeing little changes for years. It began with subtle changes to the color schemes. The bright colors that had decorated Discovery Island since it opened were traded for richer, deeper, more neutral colors.

Longtime favorite counter service spots like Pizzafari and Flame Tree Barbecue both underwent periods of refresh. And of course, Creature Comforts was overhauled when it became a Starbucks.

But then, other spots have changed up as well. In addition to brand new counter service spots, like Harambe Market, AK decided it was time to update a few of the kiosks, too. So familiar spots, like The Gardens Kiosk, were revamped. In this case, well — welcome to The Smiling Crocodile!

We dropped by The Smiling Crocodile recently to see what was new — and we found plenty! Let’s take a look.

Open Faced BLTs at The Smiling Crocodile

For now, it seems that Open Faced BLTs are taking over at The Smiling Crocodile. We found three different versions: Turkey BLT, Salmon BLT, and Pimento Cheese BLT.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

We didn’t have any takers on the Salmon BLT the day we visited, so we stuck to the other two. Here’s an introductory photo so you can begin to get an idea of what you’re getting. [Read more…]

Review: Breakfast at the New Satu’li Canteen in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Satu’li Canteen has discontinued its regular breakfast service. It may still be an occasional option during peak crowd seasons for Disney World. 

Kaltxi from Satu’li Canteen!

(That’s “Hello” in the Na’vi language!)

We’re back at the fast-casual restaurant in Animal Kingdom’s brand new land, Pandora — The World of AVATAR (despite the seriously crazy lines that still plague the land since its opening)!

Officially open at long last, guests are able to visit the moon of Pandora, as the story goes, thanks to ACE: Alpha Centauri Expeditions. Now that humans and the Na’vi coexist in peace, we are all welcome to explore the gorgeous landscape, and experience two new attractions with the Na’vi River Journey and Avatar Flight of Passage.

And the Satu’li Canteen is available to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all the interplanetary travelers on expeditions of their own! We’ve already explored the options on the Lunch and Dinner menu, and now we’re back for a bit (or a lot!) of Breakfast.

Satu'li Canteen outdoor menu

Satu’li Canteen outdoor menu

Satu'li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen

So, let’s see what Satu’li Canteen has to offer for the most important meal of the day!


We took a full tour of Satu’li Canteen during our previous visit, and you can see it in motion through the video below. Or watch all of our Pandora videos on our Pandora Playlist! [Read more…]

New Pandora Video: Pongu Pongu Review — PLUS MORE!

It’s official!! Pandora — The World of AVATAR — in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is OPEN! And…um…the lines are a little cray-cray.

Pandora Wait Times...once you actually get into Pandora...on opening day

Pandora Wait Times…once you actually get into Pandora…on opening day

Line to get into Pandora from the front of Animal Kingdom

Line to get into Pandora from the front of Animal Kingdom

So we recommend staying home this weekend instead of braving the insanity that is the three hour wait to get IN TO Pandora, and then the three hour wait to ride any of the rides…and watch our Pandora videos instead!! ;-D

[Read more…]

Review: Smokey Bones (Bourbon-n-Bacon) Chocolate Shake at Trilo-Bites in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Y’all already know about the new grown-up drinks being served up in Pandora at the Pongu Pongu lounge, but that’s not the only place you can get something new and boozy in the Animal Kingdom! Nosiree!

If you happen to find yourself on the other side of the park in the land of cartoonish dinosaurs, stroll up to the window of Trilo-Bites and take a gander at their (changing-with-some-frequency) little menu.

Trilo-Bites Exterior

Trilo-Bites Exterior

[Read more…]

News: Breakfast Items at Satu’li Canteen in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’re less than a week away from the official opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and we have some more food news to share!

Pandora - The World of Avatar

Pandora – The World of Avatar

We recently shared our review of the lunch and dinner menu at Saut’li Canteen in Pandora, but if you’re visiting first thing in the morning there’s a breakfast menu featuring sweet and savory dishes! [Read more…]