News! and Review: Food Trucks In Testing at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts

So, you’ve heard us mention Food Trucks quite a few times here on the DFB, and typically we’re referring to the four Disney Food Trucks most often found at Exposition Park in Downtown Disney’s West Side (though we’ve also had the chance to visit the Truckeria Rolling Taco Truck when it has appeared on occasion).

Well, today we’re visiting four more Food Trucks… but they’re not the ones you’re accustomed to seeing (like Fantasy Fare or Namaste Cafe), nor are they in the place you’re used to hearing them mentioned. Nope… we’re excited to bring you news of the Food Trucks that can currently be found on the weekends at the Causeway of Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resorts!

Swan and Dolphin Causeway

Swan and Dolphin Causeway

I say “currently” because — as is pretty common for food trucks of any sort — schedules (as well as locations –what with being mobile and all ;) ) are apt to change. And these food trucks are actually in a testing phase as well. So while we’ll list some info about hours and availability with every truck below, please note that [Read more…]

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Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic Adds a New Seminar!

Great news for those of you who were shut out of the Swan and Dolphin’s upcoming Food and Wine Classic seminars — they’ve added an extra one due to popular demand!

The “Vino of Veneto” seminar will offer:

“An in depth discussion and analysis of wines from the Veneto region of Italy. Located in North Eastern Italy, the Venetian region is home to famous wine producing provinces such as Treviso, Verona, Padova, Venice, and Vicenza. The growers here base their ‘classic’ wines on native grape varieties like Prosecco and Verduzzo, however popularity and high demand has allowed them to experiment with Cabernets, Chardonnays, and Pinot varieties as well. Mr. Robin Shay will guide you through your journey of Veneto. Robin lived in Europe for 10 years working as a winemaker and later as a professionally certified sommelier in Rome. After this hour, you will feel like an expert on the wines of Veneto. — Instructor: Robin Shay, Certified Wine Sommelier”

The seminar will be available on October 8th and 9th at 4:30pm; call 407-934-1609 soon for reservations!

Be sure to read more about the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic here, and check out our other posts detailing sneak peek views of the food that will be offered at the Classic’s tasting booths!

You can also read about other upcoming seminars here!