Citrus Swirl is Back in the Magic Kingdom

Next week we’ll have a post here on the Disney Food Blog about our favorite “extinct” foods, but I’m happy to say that one of the best is now officially OFF of that “extinct” list!

Currently back in its original home at the Magic Kingdom’s Sunshine Tree Terrace, the Citrus Swirl is available once again!

Sunshine Tree Terrace in the Magic Kingdom

Don’t fret when you approach the Terrace and look at the menu. The Swirl hasn’t yet made it back onto [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: March 4, 2012

Have you all recovered from One More Disney Day?? I hope so, as we’ve got some great food news and articles this week!

We love Disney Food news filled with the words “Free Dining!” Throw in a wine dinner (or two) and we’re really happy! ;-)

Disney Food News

Another busy news week! Here’s the latest…

  • Disney World Free Dining has been announced for dates in Fall 2012 — August and September. Currently for Disney Visa Cardholders only, but should open up to the public on Monday.
  • We’ve got a peek at some of the Cars Land food that will be available in Disneyland come this summer!
  • We’ve got the skinny on some new, exclusive Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship cocktails!
  • La Luce by Donna Scala at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort near Walt Disney World has announced a Wine Dinner for March 10, 2012.
  • Jiko at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has announced a Wine Dinner for April 2012!
  • La Cava del Tequila is THE place for margaritas in Epcot. Stop by the Mexico pavilion bar for Margarita Mondays and other great deals! Also, we’ve got some other fun news from La Cava later today!

For more scrumptious food news, stop by our Disney Food News Pin Board, where Disney Food News is updated on a regular basis!

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On to the Round-Up

Kevin Kidney takes us back in time to 1955 to look at the story boards for the Kelvinator — a dream kitchen with a banana bin. ;-)

Progress City USA has the latest news about a beloved snack that looks like it’s returning to Walt Disney World — the Citrus Swirl!

AllEars.Net tours Epcot’s Japan pavilion!

Main Street Gazette reviews the wines crafted for the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Mousejunkies shares what it’s like to eat at WDW with a food allergy from a kid’s perspective.

Daveland gives us a glimpse of the vintage Hills Brothers Coffee House and Coffee Garden in Disneyland. orders room service at the Pop Century Resort.

Dole Whips, Dole Whips, Everywhere…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to announce that I have now (I think!) ordered Dole Whips or Dole Whip Floats at every possible Disney parks location, and I am now able to write the mother of all Dole Whip blog posts! ;-) For a primer on Dole Whips, check out this original Dole Whip post, and this post about where to get Dole Whips outside of Disney’s gates.

Now, let’s take a tour and see how Disney’s locations compare:

Aloha Isle: Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

When in Disney World, this spot is synonymous with Dole Whips. There’s actually not a whole lot more you can get here, so be ready for some non-dairy cold stuff just about any way you slice it!

Aloha Isle

Aloha Isle Menu

At this location, you can order a regular pineapple-flavored Dole Whip; a Dole Whip float (soft-serve and pineapple juice) with either vanilla, orange, or pineapple soft-serve; a citrus swirl (orange and vanilla swirled soft-serve); or a Coke or Root Beer float with [Read more…]

Update From the World — Disney Food News and Pics

Just wanted to take you with me on this food-filled event in Walt Disney World! I’m posting photos and updates continuously to twitter and facebook, but I also wanted to do a quick post here with a few of the recent highlights:

I thought this was great! For those of you addicted to 100-calorie packs of your favorite treats, Disney’s got you covered!

100 calorie packs of Minnie's cookies

New triangular truffles are being sold at candy counters throughout the World.

New truffles in WDW

A fruit basket, along with chocolates, wine, cheese, and other goodies, were delivered to the rooms of each of the event attendees. Just goes to show — there really IS a “Disney Difference.”

Gorgeous Disney Gift Basket

I enjoyed a delicious steak at Flying Fish Cafe — stay tuned in coming blog posts to read about the full meal!

Steak at Flying Fish Cafe

A new kind of Mickeyroni and Cheese!

New Mickeyroni and Cheese

Good to know you can still get a citrus swirl!

Aloha Isle Serves Citrus Swirl

Unsure as to why our Pineapple Soft Serve Dole Whip Floats were different colors… Hmm… (I promise they were both pineapple — no vanilla here!)

Dole Whips

Saw the scratch and sniff popcorn Mickey Ears for the first time! They also have a “Mickey Bar” version!

Scratch and Sniff Popcorn Mickey Ears

There’s lots more on my Facebook and Twitter pages! Stay tuned!

“Is This Place Ever Open?”: Sunshine Tree Terrace

There are three places in Walt Disney World where you can order the coveted pineapple Pineapple Float: Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, Captain Cook’s quick service restaurant at the Polynesian Resort, and here…Sunshine Tree Terrace, also in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. (Note: Sunshine Tree Terrace no longer serves Pineapple Dole Whip, but the Citrus Swirl is back as of early 2012.)

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Sunshine Tree Terrace was an original fixture in Walt Disney World. With the Florida Citrus Growers (FCG) as a sponsor of the pavilion, this was the place to get orange juice and citrus-based concoctions, including the Citrus Swirl.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Open for Business

Sunshine Tree Terrace Open for Business

The FCGs’ Orange Bird mascot became a well-known fixture in Adventureland, and he appeared as both an audio-animatronic at Sunshine Tree Terrace and as a costumed character outside of the restaurant. The little Orange Bird has been removed from the restaurant’s decor in the years since the FCGs’ sponsorship expired in 1986.

Florida Citrus Growers' Orange Bird

Florida Citrus Growers' Orange Bird

Today, the Sunshine Tree Terrace is the place to get your pineapple float (a “dole whip float” with vanilla soft serve), along with other ice cream floats, slushes, milkshakes, and snacks. You can still get orange juice here, I’m happy to note.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu circa 2009

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu circa 2009

Sunshine Tree Terrace is probably open a bit a bit more often during the year than the other two restaurants highlighted in the “Is This Place Ever Open?” series, but it’s a seasonal restaurant and has rarely been open when I’ve been in the World.

Juice at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Juice at Sunshine Tree Terrace

A lot of fantastic “vintage Disney” posts have been written about the Sunshine Tree Terrace and the Orange Bird recently, and I’m going to send you over to one of my favorite websites, Widen Your World, to read up on the extensive history of Sunshine Tree Terrace and its Adventureland surroundings.

Orange Bird sticker photo via Jason Liebig‘s flickr stream, creative commons.